Knighthood, 102

Rich people really did get all the perks in life, Edwin thought. Aside from all the obvious shit, they even got to have weddings on perfect spring days.

It was the first day of Remin and it wasn’t actually spring for another week, but it was warm and sunny and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue and everything looked very picturesque. Even though Edwin knew the streets had been cleaned and the dirty snow moved in preparation for the wedding, it still felt like the kind of thing that had just happened naturally rather than being bought.

The streets looked much nicer now that a lot of the people lined up to get into the First Church had been checked and let in. “Okay, thank you for your cooperation, your Majesty,” Edwin said.

Witch, 58

“I don’t think we need those.”

“We do.”

“I’m pretty sure we don’t.”

“You’re wrong.”

“They’re expensive.”

“We can afford it.”

“It’s kind of a waste of money.”

“It’s not, and it’s my mother’s money anyway, so let’s waste it on something we want.”

“Something you want.”

“You want it too,” James said, counting out several coins.

“I’m pretty sure…”

“Because you love me and want me to be happy,” James finished.

Prince, 35

The outdoor market on Bounty Street was busy year-round from what Franz had heard and seen, a centre for commerce in the capital. It ran the length of the entire long street and the sentiment seemed to be that one could buy anything there if one looked hard enough.

Franz wondered if that was true, but he wasn’t here to test it out. The market was busy, people scurrying back and forth to stalls on either side of the street, people just looking, people with a specific target, people passing through, people everywhere.

One of those people was Kieran Wrathwate, and he was in Franz’s sights.

Knighthood, 21

“Why does a banquet need so much security, anyway?” Edwin asked as he and Erik patrolled.

“Because nobles are cowards by nature and want to be reassured by all the shiny knights and their swords?” Erik gave Edwin a shrug. “Because shiny knights are nice and decorative? Because assassins love huge parties for being so easy to kill people at?”

That last one at least sounded like a real reason. Edwin scowled. “They could just not have a party.”

“You never used to be this grumpy. Why is the idea of the king throwing a party making you mad?”