Chosen One, 107

“The final exam will be two weeks from the last day of class, which will be in three days,” said Juno, as class got out. “If any of you would like to talk to me about what classes you should take next semester, you know where to find me.”

Having already talked to her about that for over an hour, Isaac just packed up his stuff and got ready to leave, waiting for Peter. “I’m going to talk to Juno for a second,” said Peter. “No need to wait for me.”

Oh. Isaac nodded. “Cool. See you at supper, then.” He headed outside with everyone else, thinking about food.

Nicholas grabbed his wrist when he was outside the classroom, and spun him around. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” said Isaac, and that was all he got out before Nicholas kissed him, so Isaac kissed back, putting his arms around Nicholas. His bag got unfortunately in between them, but that was okay, it just gave Isaac an excuse to grope Nicholas’s ass, slipping his hand into Nicholas’s pants to do it properly. Nicholas did the same for him, holding him tight.

Chosen One, 82

Isaac smiled as he watched Peter and Jacob draw lots to decide which of them was going to fuck him first. They’d both offered the spot to each other, which was very nice of them, and had both seemed insistent that the other take it, but Isaac had been wanting them to fuck him for over two weeks now and he didn’t want to see his boyfriends fight, so he’d suggested this as a solution.

Well, two solutions. Isaac’s contribution at the beginning of the argument had been that they fuck him together, but that had been vetoed. Apparently he was only well enough to take one dick at a time today. Maybe if he did a particularly good job bottoming—which he would—they would realize how dumb that was.

Peter glanced at Isaac just as Jacob was about to pick his, and Isaac gestured, shuffling the lots in the bowl while Jacob reached inside with his eyes shut. He waited for Peter to draw his before either of them looked at them.

Jacob blinked as they showed them. Peter smiled. “Guess that’s that.”

Chosen One, 74

Baker was barking, which was Isaac’s fault.

Following his attempts to contact Oliver and Yancy, Isaac had tried to go to do the same for his friends, but they’d been in class and had interpreted his touches as just someone messing around. Or at least that was what Isaac had interpreted from everyone’s reactions. So he’d gone back to his dorm room. Jacob was napping, so Isaac had tried to pet Baker.

Baker liked being pet. Baker did not like being pet when he couldn’t smell or hear or see the person petting him, and he’d freaked out. Jacob had woken up, but Isaac figured it was better to let him deal with Baker than bother him.

Chosen One, 63

Isaac wished Peter were here with him, but at the same time, he’d gone by himself on purpose.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want Peter’s help, it was just that…Isaac didn’t know. Peter was angrier than he was. And Nicholas was likely to be angry about it too. And if they were both there being angry they’d feed off each other and Isaac wouldn’t be able to calm them down and something might happen that Isaac would rather avoid.

Like what, Isaac didn’t know. Something.

Chosen One, 53


“Stop worrying.”

“What if nobody comes?”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Everybody’s going to come. Probably multiple times.”

Isaac snorted, leaning on Peter a little. “Okay, that was funny.”

“Yeah, I’m hilarious.” Peter patted Isaac’s head. “Stop worrying. Everyone at the academy didn’t suddenly decide to stop liking sex today.”

Chosen One, 36

The ceiling had a crack in it. Isaac hoped that had already been there and that he hadn’t done it. He chose to believe it had been there already and that some other poor student had put it there by accident one day.

“Are you all right?”

Isaac nodded from his place laying on the ground. His head had stopped spinning already. “Yeah.”

Diana reached down and helped him up, and Isaac sighed, stretching a little and pretending that his back wasn’t bruised. “What did you do?” she asked him, looking worried.

Isaac shook his head. “Not what you were trying to show us.”

Chosen One, 26

Isaac could barely contain his excitement. He was practically ready to explode out of his clothes now and just take off running.

But he figured that since his clothes were going to come off soon anyway, he could be patient for a while longer.

“I still think this should be a more regular thing than this.”

“But Isaac, that would take away from how special it is,” Thomas told him, arm around Isaac’s shoulders as they walked through the dark.

“I really don’t think that’s true,” Isaac protested, laughing a little. Thomas was heavy. “People being naked together is always special, Thomas.”