Slavery, 106

The snow was melting, but it was still cold.

“You doing okay?” Ozzy asked, nudging Daniel.

“Hm?” Daniel was running his fingers through some snow on the side of a building, making it fall to the ground in a shower of white dust. It was pretty, until it mixed with the slush on the ground and got gross right away. “Yeah. Just tired.”

Chosen One, 118

Isaac sucked lightly on Cormac’s nipple, teasing it with his tongue as he did. He rolled Cormac’s other nipple between two fingers, not pinching too hard. He did, after a few licks, give just the gentlest bite, making Cormac gasp.

Then Isaac switched nipples, playing with the wet one and putting his mouth over the other one, immediately earning a whimper from Cormac. Isaac sucked harder this time, and Cormac made a loud sound. “Okay, okay,” he said, panting. “Okay, stop, I get it, I believe you.”

Isaac stopped, getting up. He was straddling Cormac, who was flushed in the face and looking up at Isaac, his hair a mess even though Isaac hadn’t touched his head. “So anyway,” said Isaac. “The reason why we have nipples even when we don’t need them is because touching them feels good.”

Chosen One, 112

“So how long before we can start bugging the new guys?” Isaac asked, leaning against a wall.

“Maybe let them put their things down,” Peter suggested. “Before you try to take their pants down.”

“I could,” Isaac offered. “But you don’t know that they’re not into getting blowjobs while holding all their stuff.”

“That seems like not a kink people have,” Nicholas muttered.

“Oh, what the fuck would you know?” Peter asked.

Others, 30

“Balls are so weird,” Thomas said, poking Hemi’s. “Why do we have them?”

“We don’t,” said Garrett. “You do.”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Thomas. “I meant ‘we’ like the human race, not ‘we’ like the people in this room.”

“They’re for making babies,” Vinnie put in. He was getting dressed, and trying to decide if he should put smallclothes on. Probably he should, but he didn’t want to, really. He was trying to decide if not wanting to was a good enough reason not to do it.

“I know that,” Thomas scoffed, and Vinnie blushed. Oops. “I’m not three years old. I mean, why isn’t there a different way for us to make babies? One that isn’t so…kickable.”

Chosen One, 82

Isaac smiled as he watched Peter and Jacob draw lots to decide which of them was going to fuck him first. They’d both offered the spot to each other, which was very nice of them, and had both seemed insistent that the other take it, but Isaac had been wanting them to fuck him for over two weeks now and he didn’t want to see his boyfriends fight, so he’d suggested this as a solution.

Well, two solutions. Isaac’s contribution at the beginning of the argument had been that they fuck him together, but that had been vetoed. Apparently he was only well enough to take one dick at a time today. Maybe if he did a particularly good job bottoming—which he would—they would realize how dumb that was.

Peter glanced at Isaac just as Jacob was about to pick his, and Isaac gestured, shuffling the lots in the bowl while Jacob reached inside with his eyes shut. He waited for Peter to draw his before either of them looked at them.

Jacob blinked as they showed them. Peter smiled. “Guess that’s that.”

Others, 15

Bianca’s lips were wet against his, her hands were tight in his hair, her feet feeling sharp as they dug into his back a little. She was breathing in shallow, quick jolts that told Nicholas he was doing a good job. So he kept going, sliding his tongue in a little deeper, gently pressing on her thigh with one hand.

“Nicholas…” she panted, shuddering on the last syllable in a way that couldn’t help but make Nicholas’s cock twitch in his pants. He started to suck on her clit, taking a deep breath through his nose as he did. In response, she pulled his head closer, as if he could get any closer to her pussy. It did end up burying his nose further in her pubic hair, though.

Nicholas kept sucking, rubbing the inside of her thigh as he went, wishing he’d undone his pants before he started this. But it was too late now, so he just kept going, sucking gently, then hard, then gently again, letting Bianca feel this for as long as he could. She was obviously super into it, so Nicholas saw no reason to rush it.

Chosen One, 74

Baker was barking, which was Isaac’s fault.

Following his attempts to contact Oliver and Yancy, Isaac had tried to go to do the same for his friends, but they’d been in class and had interpreted his touches as just someone messing around. Or at least that was what Isaac had interpreted from everyone’s reactions. So he’d gone back to his dorm room. Jacob was napping, so Isaac had tried to pet Baker.

Baker liked being pet. Baker did not like being pet when he couldn’t smell or hear or see the person petting him, and he’d freaked out. Jacob had woken up, but Isaac figured it was better to let him deal with Baker than bother him.