Stowaway, 107

“Thanks for everything,” Robin said, as Pax lingered in the doorway.

“Of course. There’s nothing to thank,” said Pax, nodding. “You know I’d do anything for you.”

“I do. But it always means a lot to me. I know you have to go back now.”

“I do,” Pax agreed. He sighed. “But I appreciate having spent all this time with you.”

Soothsayer, 12

“I’ll break into Ogwen’s Tower tonight,” said Knifebird, Dawn Thunder’s human boyfriend. He was a pretty, unassuming Dolovin guy with striking eyes and an impish voice, and it was easy to see why Dawn Thunder liked him so much.

Except for he was clearly also crazy. “You can’t just break into Ogwen’s Tower,” Mads told him. “It’s fortified, and crawling with Imperials. The walls are sheer even when they’re not covered in ice and half the windows don’t open anyway. They actually guard the servants’ entrances. There’s no way in.”

Knifebird’s teeth flashed. His human name was Robin, but like Mads and Nuka, the pack had given him a name as well. One that fit his smile perfectly. He’d only been with Dawn Thunder since the summer, so it had happened pretty quickly, too. “Don’t worry about that. They won’t be expecting someone to sneak in tonight. I’ll be fine.”

Soothsayer, 11

“And of course it was so easy to say it wasn’t my fault,” Juniper said, leaning against the wall. “Because what else was I going to do at a party where my exes were making out with each other except for drink a lot? It wasn’t like there was anything else to do. But it was my fault, because nobody made me drink. So I don’t know.”

“I don’t think it was entirely your fault, Juniper,” said Mads. Juniper had a lot of problems and all of them were tied to his inability to hold down a relationship and also what sounded like some very serious addictions. “I think what you need is someone in your life who can stop you from drinking and doing drugs. And I don’t mean like a boyfriend who guilts you into not getting drunk or high, I mean like someone who will just make you stop if you need them to.”

Juniper nodded, sighing. “Yeah. There is someone who always tells me to stop, but I never listen. I joined this group for people with addictions and it’s helping, a little, I think. I haven’t had a drink or done any drugs in thirty-four days.”

Others, 40

Imperial cum was the cum that tasted the least good out of all the kinds, but Maple Song swallowed it anyway, because that was what he was supposed to do when someone came in his mouth.

When the Imperial was done cumming, Maple Song looked up at him, wagging his tail on purpose because it wasn’t wagging on its own like it was supposed to. “That tasted super good,” he lied, because it was okay to lie to Imperials because they were colonizing scum who were trying to take over Narwhal Junction. Also they sucked. That was what Shadowwatcher said even though actually they never even jerked him off.

The Imperial guard snorted, and patted Maple Song’s head, which Maple Song reluctantly admitted to himself was very not-sucking of him. He said something in Imperialese that sounded like kakkankkannikakin and started doing up his pants.

Delivery Boy

Delivering pizzas had been a fun job at first, but Wally was ready for something better.

At first it had been cool to go to different parts of town, see people’s houses and apartments, meet everyone’s awesome dogs and of course to get free pizza whenever the kitchen fucked up. And the whole fantasy of the hot pizza delivery guy who came over and had sex with people was totally true, and when Wally was between boyfriends—which he was currently—he could count on getting laid at least once a week if he wanted to by someone who ordered a meat pizza with extra sausage and opened the door butt naked.

About half the time it was women who did that, which was too bad because Wally wasn’t into that, but hey, at least those people got pizza out of it.