Others, 56

Dream Fox woke up with his dad’s cock in his ass, and he smiled as he pressed back against him. He had a sleep boner, which he didn’t touch, just laying there, letting the sleep leave his brain while his dad made him feel nice.

He did wonder how long Dad had been going before Dream Fox had woken up. It felt pretty early, but Dad normally left pretty pretty early, and he was taking his time. He usually went pretty fast but this morning he was fucking Dream Fox slowly, like he was breakable.

It was a bit boring, actually, but Dad had never really understood what Dream Fox needed.

Slavery, 100

“You have to actually come visit us,” Simon said to Hugh, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor. “Not just pretend you are.”

“I’ll actually come visit,” said Hugh, leaning on a bag. He’d packed up his clothes, the clothes Daniel had paid for, into a bag to take with him. He didn’t even need them. Apparently Cassius was going to make him stay naked for the rest of his life. Hugh even seemed excited about that. But he was bringing the clothes anyway. “You can come visit me too.”

“Yeah,” said Marcus. “We will.”

They wouldn’t. Daniel didn’t need to wait for it to happen to know that. Maybe Hugh would come visit them a few times. But Marcus and Simon weren’t going to want to go get fucked by a dragon just to see Hugh. They’d be sad about it at first, then they’d get over it.

Daniel had already gotten over it. If that was what Hugh wanted, then let him have it. Daniel was happy for him.

Soothsayer, 16

“So what is the Tin Scale?” Maple Song asked, tracing the elaborate black tattoo that now adorned Mads’s back.

“It’s called the Sentinel,” Dream Fox corrected. He was sitting beside Mads, tugging at his foreskin curiously, as if he hadn’t had it his whole life.

“That’s what I said.”

Slavery, 96

Greg’s pants were uncomfortably tight and it was probably because he kept drawing horny pictures of Grey Rain.

They weren’t supposed to be horny, he’d just wanted to draw Grey Rain the way he looked during the full moon, as a present for him. But he always looked horny during the full moon and Greg wanted to get him right, so he’d been drawing him a bit horny.

He hadn’t quite gotten him right yet, so he was still trying. He sighed, looking at his latest drawing, moving it aside and starting on a fresh sheet of paper, reaching down into his pants to adjust himself.

“That’s very good,” Gavin said, across the table.