The stories werewolves tell about their origins do involve sex, I’ll grant you. But not between a human and a wolf. Rather the first werewolves were the children of Urfarah, Father Wolf, the Great Hunter, guardian of the borders between the mortal world and the spirit world, and Amadun Iduth, Mother Luna, the Warden Moon, queen of change and madness and guardian of all within the lunar sphere from the void beyond.

Pax: “That’s a very interesting story, it’s not one I’d heard before. I guess it must be native to the area where you’re from? The werewolf creation story that I heard is that Yenera, the first human woman, was impregnated by the first wolf Archon under a heavy moon, and their descendants were the first werewolves who were cast out of paradise by the god of the human race, but who were taken in by a new pantheon that they worship who properly respects their status as the inheritors of creation. Maybe we’re just operating under different mythological apparatuses.” 

Last night’s Wally ask has gotten me thinking about werewolves a little.  I was kind of thinking that when not transformed they’d look human by default, but be able to selectively transform if they wanted (and were skilled enough) since they’re shapeshifters and all. I want to keep that shapeshifting element but I wonder now, […]

*slams hand on table* What’s this I hear about Werewolves!?

People who can, you know, turn into wolves. 

But to stop being a dick for two minutes, yes. There are–according to Sully, anyway–werewolves on the northern continent that we haven’t visited yet. They used to be fairly populous down south as well, but they were hunted to extinction about a thousand years in the past of the main timeline. They were never very good at forming communities down south, so they weren’t hard for dedicated armies to wipe out. 

Up north, they’re a little better at defending themselves in a group way, but also there’s been no major push from the governments to destroy them like there were down south for various reasons. They exist in mostly peaceful relation to the human population up there. 

We might visit the northern continent someday, so maybe we’ll get to learn more about them then. 🙂 In the meantime, glad you’re interested!

Werewolf Puberty Sucks

Nobody answered the door when T.J. knocked and he knew they were home, so after a moment’s indecision, he slowly opened the door for himself, poking his head into Ewan’s house. “Hello?” he called, rationalizing that going inside wasn’t bad because pack. “You guys didn’t get murdered by serial killers, did you?”

There was a vacuum running in the living room and T.J. wandered that way, hands in his pockets, pretending he wasn’t fearing getting in trouble for technically trespassing. Ewan’s brother was the one using the vacuum, and he looked up when T.J. waved at him. “Hey, didn’t hear you come in, kid.”

“I came to see Ewan,” T.J. said, rather dumbly. “I hope it’s okay that I just came in?”

“Yeah, sure.” Cy waved him off. “Ewan’s upstairs, he’s grumpy, though.”